THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH ABOUT ZERO CARBON – Coverage of Australia’s painful path towards Net Zero Carbon Emissions has been missing a serious reality check, and one that relates to the entire planet. There’s already two centuries of the stuff in the atmosphere that has to be removed, regardless of what we’re adding now.  So what are our options?

CSIRO BOSS – GOOD SCIENCE/BAD SCIENCE – AND MAKING IT PAY – Science can not only save lives, it can also kill millions in an instant (think nuclear weapons).  The Chief Executive of Australia’s respected CSIRO has called on those looking to make a living from their innovations to make sure that they are on the right path.

THE WORLD’S VACCINATION HYPOCRISY – POOR COUNTRIES TO KEEP COVID ‘ALIVE’ – Beyond Australia the pandemic rages, filling mortuaries around the globe, and the only genuine way out is global vaccination.  But there’s a problem, and it’s a nasty ethical dilemma.  The rich countries have the vaccine and poor countries are not only set to suffer, but will keep COVID-19 ‘alive’ and a threat to everyone else. 

FARMING FROM SPACE & MONITORING COW FARTS VIA SATELLITE – New technology is set to radically transform the way our farmers get things done.  Backed by a bevy of new satellite offerings, a simple tap of their smart watches will soon allow our farmers to know if their animals are mating, giving birth, going astray, being stolen, or even farting a bit too much for the planet’s good.  It’s technology that promises to add billions in value to our all-important agriculture sector.